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Factoring Solutions

ST-factorFactoring is a form of finance used to finance commercial, consumer, and government accounts receivable. Typically, businesses factor their accounts receivable to improve their cash flow. Businesses that factor their invoices (accounts receivable) sell their invoices to a factoring company, usually for anywhere between 95 to 99 cents on the dollar.

Culver Capital provides cash advances against invoices on the same or next business day via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Culver Capital also provides numerous other accounts receivable services including invoicing, credit underwriting, collections and invoice submission and reporting.

Culver Capital announces additional industry considerations for our factoring program. Culver Capital has multiple credit syndicates through the Culver Capital Group Network that can offer expedient funding and highly competitive factoring rates. You don’t even have to complete an application to obtain our no-obligation written rate quote.