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ST-equipmentEquipment Leasing

Culver Capital may fund individual leases as they arise, but prefers to establish Master Lease Lines of Credit for companies, giving them access to multiple take downs throughout the year and simplifying the process and reducing the logistics of projects that work with multiple vendors.

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ST-capitalWorking Capital

Working Capital is the life blood of most small businesses. Access to working capital provides the ability to support and grow a healthy cash flow for your business. But what many business owners don’t realize is that working capital is all around them. So let’s take a look at just a few easy sources of working capital.

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Factoring—What is it? Factoring is a form of finance used to finance commercial, consumer, and government accounts receivable. Typically, businesses factor their accounts receivable to improve their cash flow. Businesses that factor their invoices…

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ST-sba_loanSBA Loans

SBA loans are government supported financing for you business. They are also an excellent source of funding. The Small Business Administration offers a variety of loan guarantee programs. These programs help a business that may not qualify for a loan get approved on reasonable terms.

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ST-ar_financeAR Financing

Unlike conventional working capital loans or bank lines, Culver Capital’s financing programs focus strictly on your customers ability to pay, NOT your credit or financial history–whether you are a start-up, early stage, newer business or a mature business…

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ST-merchantMerchant Cash Advance

Are you struggling to get a bank loan? Do you need cash to renovate your office building, purchase new inventory, or set up equipment? Merchant Cash Advance can help you do all of that and fulfill any other financial needs your business may have.

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ST-purchase_orderPurchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing can help you if you have purchase orders that you cannot fulfill because you lack funds. As opposed to traditional bank finance, Purchase Order Financing is easy to qualify for and can be set up quickly. The main requirement is that you have an order from a credit worthy…

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franchiseFranchise Financing

Whether it’s SBA or non-SBA franchise financing, anywhere from 15% to 30% of the total capital need can be required of the borrower. Franchise start-up costs vary wildly across franchises, so this could be anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000. ….

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